Thank you for your interest in having WagaComix represent you to the Japanese readership. Please note that we are a small company, and as a result turn around can be very slow (up to several months for a project).

Whilst we welcome creators to pitch their work, kindly note that:

  • We accept all genre except Adult, Hentai, or such mature themed content. There are services that do handle these categories, so please use them.
  • We only work with the owner of the rights. If another person or entity owns the rights to your creative work, please have them contact us. We do not have the bandwidth to be chasing third parties on your behalf.
  • We will only accept complete works. If the story is a 4 issue comic, only apply when all 4 issues are complete.
  • Note that we do not currently accept submissions for English only content.
  • Our English only section is in a trial phase, and is secondary to our translation work.

For Submission:

  • Provide a PDF in English.
  • Provide a cover page explaining the story/how many issues the creative work covers.
  • Brief introduction of yourself and any other creative works you may have worked on.

Upon Acceptance:

  • Provide layered files for editing. The source files do not need to be in English as we will remove text and replace it with Japanese.
  • Source filese should include:
    • Front Cover
    • Back Cover
    • Credits clearly identifying who did what role.
    • Logos where applicable.
  • Link(s) to an introductory YouTube video.