Loren of Martydom  #1

Loren of Martydom #1

Part 1 of a 4 Part Mini-series.

Loren of Martyrdom is set in La Styre Desert, a remote and desolate area away from the bustling metropolis. An area blasted with ferocious sandstorms, and intense heat waves, scorched sand extends as far as the eye can see. Whatever flora may be stubborn enough to exist, is nothing but a withered and brittle form of life.
Braving the elements, Leroy Loren carries her infant grandchild in search of an oasis known as the 'Laundry District' hoping to make it their new home.
Our story begins some 8 years later when the baby, Noah, has grown to match the ferocity of the surroundings, becoming quite the challenge for her devoted grandmother. Noah, whose observations are limited to her grandmother, struggles with the understanding of what being an adult is, and how to shape herself into the adult she wants to be.

**This is an original manga localisation and should be read right to left.**

Page count
48 pages


Glow Kuroma


Glow Kuroma